From the drawing board to the body shop, every Norton product is extensively tested to establish higher standards of performance and productivity. Norton products are engineered to save body shop pros time and money while providing the finest possible end result and the best possible bottom line.
A275 Sandpaper technology at its best. It cuts faster, runs cooler, resists loading better and lasts far longer than any conventional sandpaper. Blaze Rapid Strip Discs Aggressively removes rust and paint from drip moldings, pinch welds, door jambs, seams and other difficult to reach areas.
Dry Ice Perfect for refinishing jobs that require an extremely durable abrasive. Black Ice Waterproof Durable and flexible waterproof products that will increase productivity,
Cutting Wheels High performance cutting wheels are designed with today’s shop in mind. A perfect choice for thinner metals. Gold Reserve Improves performance 25% over conventional abrasives but costs the same.
Norton BlueFire The roughest, toughest sandpaper ever made. Grinding Discs Made of superior abrasives that make them the fastest cutting and longest lasting.
Scuffing Solutions Wide range of scuffing products including Bear-Tex Scuff Pads and Scuff Gel, Rotolo Foam and SoftTouch Sponges.

Other Great Options